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    We want to provide our children with the best resources.

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    We're here to ensure quality, Catholic education for generations to come.

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    This is the story of who we are and where we’re going.

    Valle Catholic Schools prepares young hearts and minds to go out into the world with the skills to do well and the moral compass to do good. With your help and the help of others we will be able to sustain quality Catholic education at Valle Catholic Schools for generations to come. Join us as we come together to form the strongest Foundation yet!
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The Impact of the
Valle Catholic Schools Foundation

  • Success

    In the last year the foundation has given Valle Catholic Schools financial contributions for many new projects including the funds for the implementation of the progressive Early Childhood Center.

  • $50

    The foundation needs a steady flow of income and encourages ongoing monthly donations to contribute to the health of the fund. If possible, we suggest a donation of $50/month.

  • Legacy

    Help us ensure that we can fill the gap of Valle's financial needs and secure the future of the next generation here. Ask us how to become a Legacy Society member.

We're Warriors for Valle's success

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